Sock catcher


This is my lost sock catcher! How many times have you done your laundry and ended up with one lone sock which has lost it’s partner? Where do they go? Well, here is a way to match them up again when you find the lost sock!

I hadn’t started out to make it this way until I found the already made piece in a craft store complete with attached self leveling hanger on the back.


Originally I had drawn a small clothesline with socks hanging on but decided to change that as it progressed. Artists prerogative, right? I’d already painted it with gesso to seal the wood but then decided to paint it with colour.


Backside showing the self levelling hanger on the back. The overall dimensions are 14 inches by 14 inches.


I bought these coloured plastic clothes pegs specifically because they were colourful and they had an oval flat piece to glue on.


I used three different colours of blue along with white for clouds. I started with the darkest blue on the bottom, mid blue in the middle and light blue on the top.


I just roughly painted each of the blue colours in sections very quickly so they wouldn’t dry before I got to the blending.


To blend, I began at the bottom with a damp plastic scrungee (you know the ones you use to scrub pots?) and just began blending upward.


Once the blues were blended, I added some white and just used my fingers to blend it in.


Mod Podge is one of my favorite products sealing painted pieces and adding that little bit of shine to projects.


Here is a view of the board with the clothes pegs glued on. They are offset to allow the socks to be visible from each other.

This was a quick little project to do.  I wanted the background to look like sky and clouds and the wind blowing the clouds.  Hang this above your clothes dryer, and for each lone sock, pin it to the board until it’s partner shows up, as they often do.  I hope you have fun with this one, it’s really easy to do, you can use any kind of board, it doesn’t necessarily need to be like the one I made.  Use your imagination, and have a fun time!


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  1. It looks very beautiful. The way my son throws his socks all over the place. He is always looking for the other pair! I gave up. I am baking some bread and a swiss roll and working at the same time. Have a lovely day!


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